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Pelerin Palace

We are pleased to present the Pelerin Palace, the largest and most luxurious hotel residence in Switzerland, ranked in the top three in the world. With its 24 ultra-luxurious apartments of at least 200 square meters each, this 15 m000 palace on 2 floors offers top-of-the-range equipment and services, such as a spa, a massage room, a fitness center form, a Davidoff smoking room, a business center, a reception room of 11 square meters and a garden of 300 m32.

The Pelerin Palace is much more than just a hotel. It is a world-renowned work of architectural art, a place where luxury and comfort come together to provide a unique experience for guests. But unfortunately, this emblematic building remained closed for several years. This is why Blockapital, in collaboration with the PALACE hotel group, aims to raise 186 million euros to acquire and relaunch Le Pèlerin Palace.

We are convinced that the acquisition of this residence represents an unprecedented opportunity for investors. The Pelerin Palace is a real rare pearl, a jewel of the Swiss hotel industry which offers a high return on investment. By joining our relaunch project, you will have the opportunity to become the owner of part of this legendary residence, while benefiting from the advantages of a partnership with the PALACE hotel group, which will ensure the vision and future management of the palace.

By investing in the Pelerin Palace, you can be sure that you are investing in excellence. We are convinced that this project will be a success and that the Pelerin Palace will quickly become the preferred destination for the most demanding customers, who are looking for a luxury accommodation experience and first-class amenities.

We would be delighted to discuss with you the investment opportunities that we can offer you. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about this unique project.

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Capital raised:

Progression - fundraising (500 K€)
Completed 0%

Fundraising (€186)

Project overview

The Project consists of buying the palace from the Swiss government and administering it as a profitable luxury palace.

The Palace will be financed via an STO and therefore constitutes the world record for real estate tokenization.

Mont Pelerin, Switzerland
Total funds to be raised - €186m
Estimated annual net return - 10.19% ROI
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Presentation of the pilgrim Palace

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Luxury Residences

from 200 to 600m2. And 12 additional apartments for the staff of our customers


M€ Total value

just in front of Leman and only 30 minutes from Lausanne


m2 square of apartment

That is 14500m2 in total in the Palace

The pilgrim palace in pictures

The building and the exteriors

The common areas

Les appartements


Find out more about the Pelerin Palace

Check out this beauty!

Located on Mont Pelerin with a direct view of the magnificent Lake Geneva, the Pelerin Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in the world.

Its strategic location in Switzerland (30 min from Lausanne and 1 hour from Geneva) makes it an ideal place for guests who want to enjoy the luxury of the Palace and the tranquility of the region.

As can be seen in the photo of the entrance to the Palace, the interior of the building is decorated with the finest materials and finishes in the tradition of the Belle Epoque style. 

This building, created in 1906, was renovated in 2017 in accordance with Minergie standards, making it an energy-efficient building. 

Inside the Palace Pelerin, you will find all the facilities to serve our demanding customers to make them have an incredible 5-star stay:

  • 24 apartments from 200 m² to 500 m² (estimated value for each apartment between 6,5 million and 14 million euros)

  • 1 Spa of more than 2 m² with swimming pool

  • 2 hot tubs

  • 1 hammam & 3 saunas

  • 1 heated outdoor swimming pool

  • 1 gym

  • 1 Givenchy treatment room

  • 1 professional kitchen

  • 25 wine cellars

  • 1 business center

  • 1 Davidoff smokehouse

  • 1 movie theater

  • 1 lobby/bar of 300 m²


In addition to the Palace staff member, present to take care of the needs of the clients, our clients will have the possibility of renting apartments adjoining the Palace for their staff.

  • 12 additional apartments next to the Palace between 25 and 125m² for client staff.

Find out more about Residences

Incredible apartments for an incredible stay! 

Each of the 24 residences has its own unique luxurious decoration and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

You will find below, more photos of a typical residence within the Pelerin Palace.

In each independent residence, our guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a fully equipped kitchen and several tastefully designed bathrooms.

The Pelerin Palace offers its guests entire residences, which is in line with the trends observed in the luxury hotel industry. Indeed, as evidenced by the strong growth of Airbnb in recent years, more and more customers prefer to have the comfort of an entire apartment to themselves. 

Renting residences thus allows many benefits, in particular the increase in the occupancy rate and better resilience in the event of a pandemic, as was during the emergence of COVID-19. 

By staying at the Pelerin Palace, customers will have the comfort of being able to enjoy their independent residence while being able to enjoy 5* facilities, all in a family-sized Palace.

What is the genesis of the project?

A bit of recent history...

In its previous life, the Pelerin was bought by a promoter who renovated it to 90% in accordance with its original Belle Epoque style and the various most recent energy standards. 

The building was to be offered as a luxurious and private residence with the apartments to be sold separately. 

In 2011, Ilyas Khrapunov, one of the main shareholders of the promoter and son of the former minister of Kazakhstan, Viktor Khrapunov, was the target of an investigation for money laundering. 

Since then, although having convinced international celebrities such as Tony Parker or Claudia Schiffer who had acquired a residence, the building was left unfinished and the promoter went bankrupt. 

The building left unfinished, the Swiss government became the liquidator of the project.


Having studied the pre-opening project on behalf of Kempinski during the previous version of the project, Jean Lecler, convinced of the Palace's potential, proposed a takeover project through the Palace Group. 

This project was accepted and obtained the support of the Swiss government.

The project therefore consists of buying the company that still owns the Palace, carrying out the work and administering the Palace as a luxury hotel residence through the PALACE Group.

Blockapital supports the project led by the PALACE Group in its objective to create the future life of the Pelerin Palace. 

As a company, Blockapital searches daily for the most prestigious projects and buildings in the world, with a lucrative business model, and offers them to its investors through tokenization.


Become the owner of the Palace

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Special note: We guarantee complete confidentiality for our special customers. Do not hesitate to contact us via platinum@blockapital, if you have specific requests regarding privacy.

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