Become the owner of this luxurious and historical Swiss Palace

Starting from 2023, Groupe P.A.L.A.C.E will run this wonderful building as a luxurious private residence.
Own a part of the Palace, Invest in a recently renovated historical asset, Get monthly Dividends, and Get Exclusive Advantages in the Palace.

The Project Brief

The Project consists in buying the Palace from Swiss Government & Administrate it as a profitable luxurious Palace.

The Palace will be bought through an STO process and consists of the real estate tokenization World Record

Mont Pelerin, Switzerland
Total Funds Raised - 180 M€
Estimated yearly net profitability - 10.19% ROI
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Pelerin Palace Campaign

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Discover Pelerin Palace


Luxury Residences

from 200 to 600m2. And 12 extra apartments for the staff


M€ Total Value

right in front of Leman and 30 min only from Lausanne


m2 of Residence

Around 10000m2 in total

Pelerin Palace in Pictures

The building


The apartments

The view

More about the Pelerin Palace

Let’s meet this beauty !

Located on the Mont Pelerin with a direct view on the beautiful Leman Lake, the Pelerin Palace is one of the most beautiful Palace of the world. 

Its strategical location in Switzerland (30 min from Lausanne and 1h from Geneva) makes it a perfect place for hosts who want to enjoy the luxury of the Palace and the peacefulness of the region. 

The decoration in the building is made of the finest art and materials according to the Belle Epoque style, as you can see below in the picture of the lobby.

This building created in 1906, has been renovated in 2017 according to the Minergie standards that makes it environmentally high performance.

Inside the Pelerin Palace, you can find all the facilities to serve our demanding clients in order to make them have an incredible 5 stars stay : 

  • 24 apartments from 200 m² to 600 m² (value estimated for each apartment between  6,5 millions and 14 millions euros)
  • 1 Spa of more than 2’000 m² with a pool
  • 2 jacuzzis
  • 1 hammam & 3 saunas
  • 1 outdoor heated pool
  • 1 gym
  • 1 Givenchy treatment room
  • 1 professional kitchen
  • 25 wine cellars
  • 1 business center
  • 1 smoking salon Davidoff
  • 1 cinema room
  • 1 lobby/bar of 300 m²

In addition to staff member of the Palace, present to take care of client’s needs, our clients will have the possibility to rent apartments outside of the Palace for personal staff.

  • 12 extra apartments next to the Palace between 25 and 125m² for clients staff.

More about the Residences

Incredible residences for an incredible and long stay…

Each of the 24 apartments will have its own unique luxurious decoration and comes with state of the art technology.

You can find more pictures of a typical residence inside the Pelerin Palace below.

In each of the independant residence, our host will have the possibility to enjoy fully-equiped kitchen and designed bathroom.

Offering full residences is something that is way more aligned with new practices of the luxury hospitality industry. In fact, as Airbnb rise outlined it, more people want to enjoy the comfort of having a full residence for themselves. 

Renting residences presents many benefits such as making people have longer stays and is also safer occupation-wise in case of a pandemy such as COVID-19.

At the Pelerin Palace, customers will have the extra advantages of being able to enjoy the comfort of their independant residence while being able to benefit from a 5* facilities, all of that in familial- operated Palace.

What is the Project Genese ?

A bit of recent history…

In its previous life, the Pelerin has been acquired by a promoter that renovated 90% of the Palace in accordance with its original Belle Epoque style and the latest environmental norms. 

The building was planned to be a luxurious and private residence in which each residence were sold separately.

In 2011, Ilyas Khrapunov one of the promoter main shareholder and the son of a former cabinet minister in Kazakhstan Viktor Khrapunov, got targeted by an investigation into money laundering.

Since then, despite having high-profile celebrities like Tony Parker and Claudia Schiffer sign up to move in, the building was left unfinished and the company went bankrupted.

The project has been left in stand by since then and the Swiss Government became the liquidator of the Palace.


Having been leading the pre-opening study for Kempinski, back in the time, Jean Lecler knew the building potential and proposed to take over the project with the full support of the Swiss government

The project consists of buying the company currently owning the Palace. Then the Group P.A.L.A.C.E will manage the Palace as a luxurious residential hotel. 

Blockapital promote the project led by Groupe Palace and it’s vision of building the new life of the Pelerin Palace. 

As a company, Blockapital team search for the most prestigious projects and buildings in the world, with a lucrative business model around them and proposes them as a tokenized investment


The Business behind Pelerin Palace

What is the Pelerin Palace Project ?

Ambitious, Innovative and Profitable…


From year 4, Group P.A.L.A.C.E estimates a 10.19% net profitability every year based on different streams of income : 

– Short term rental (Airbnb Luxe, etc) 
– Mid and Long term rental 
– Additional services. 


Invest in the Palace

Buy a “share” of the Palace and get (many) advantages…

When you invest on the Pelerin Palace you become the owner of a part of the Palace. 

At the same time you invest in of the most anti-crisis investment : Luxurious Swiss Real Estate. 

In addition to the yearly dividends mentioned before you get a lot of benefits by investing in the Pelerin Palace Project : 

  1. You benefit from a triply safe investment : Luxe – Swiss – Real Estate. It’s perfect for your portfolio while the world faces an important economical and financial crisis.

  2. Tokenization makes it way more fluid than traditional real estate. You can easily sell your shares or a part of your shares to other investors on the secondary market.

  3. You can dilute your risks by not being alone to take 100% risks on the project.

  4. You support the preservation of a prestigious and historical building.

  5. You benefit from exclusive Advantages in the Palace as owners (see more in the « Platinum Members » section).

  6. You get early access to Blockapital next investment opportunities (luxurious investments, start-ups, new investment vehicles, etc.)

Using Tokenization to invest ?

Few words on the technology…

Blockchain and Tokenization are game changers in the way investment is done. 

Those technologies now allow various investors to securely invest together in a common project and therefore allow new interesting possibilities in terms of portfolio management.

Few words on Tokenization Investment :

Blockchain is used as a property register that is used to safely track in real time who is the owner of which shares. All this process is secured and guarantee anonymity.

It works like a publicly traded company whose shares can be bought and sold very quickly and easily on a secondary market.

IMPORTANT : Note that, the technology is innovative but totally safe (see more about this below and in the FAQ)

The investment is backed up by a real asset (A luxurious Swiss Palace) and is not exposed to high volatility.

The whole process is secured by our trusted partner Equisafe and its KYC process (ORIAS n°21008585). 

Before Investment process is finished all the money is secured on different SPV. All the funds are secured by BNP Paribas bank. 

Simply said, with tokenization you become the owner of a share of the Pelerin Palace, as you’ll do for a traditional non tokenized company. You just benefits from many advantages that are brought by the technology itself.

Become a Palace Owner

You want to be part of the Project ? 

Please book a call and one of our team member will answer your questions and guide you through your investment Process.

Special Note : We guarantee full privacy for our Special Customers.
Feel free to contact us via platinum@blockapital, if you have specific requests regarding Privacy.

Usual Questions

1. Is it safe to invest with Tokenization ?

Technologically, The Process of tokenization is safe. 
For all the technical part, we rely on the expertise of Equisafe, that have both AMF and ORIAS accreditations and work with BNP Paribas for funds securization. The blockchain used by Equisafe has been audited by different technical experts. 

Investing on a tokenized company doesn’t present more risks compared to a traditional company. Actually it present less risks as everything is secured in an algorithm.

2. Is Tokenization the same as cryptocurrency or NFT ?

Here, we are using the technology « Blockchain » to change the way invest in a physical asset : A Palace. 

Cryptocurrency or NFT that also use Blockchain, have had bad press in the last months for their volatility (or good press for ones who like speculation). Most of the time cryptocurrency are not backed with something valuable or a real project that brings an added value in the real world. 

So prices variation mainly depends on speculation.

Here the tokenization is backed by a real life asset. By buying a token it’s as if you were buying a share of a company. 
The token price will evolve with the price of the company.

As the asset is real estate it’s way more stable than NFT or Cryptocurrencies.

3. Should I invest in the Palace ?

First of all, we are not financial advisor. We remind you to always do your own research as we don’t provide financial advice. 

Note though that even if Blockapital is not responsible for the success of the running business one the round is closed, we try to select the best projects for Investors who believe in Blockchain and Blockapital.

We do our best to check the project is safe and propose valuable future. 

Concerning the Palace, the project concern has 3 characteristics that makes it a good pic during though economical times : 
1. The Pelerin Palace is located in Switzerland that is one of the richest country in the world with a strong and stable money AND a peaceful geopolitical context. 
2. The project is in the real estate industry. This industry is known to be quite resilient to crisis. 
3. The Palace is addressed to wealthy clients. Luxe is often doing well even in tough times. 


4. I have a specific question, what should I do ?

If you have a specific question or request, please book a call with us with the button below or use the « Contact us » form in the header to have our team help you. 

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